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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is more than a logo. Establishing a look and feel for your brand and maintaining a consistent graphic identity allows you to present consistently and professionally across a range of media platforms.

This includes font choices, colour schemes and the images you use. Your branding may appear on marketing materials such as leaflets and brochures and advertising such as posters and vehicle graphics, or on packaging or labels if you are producing products. It will no doubt be used digitally too, for a website, social media or on-line marketing.

Your branding may include a tag line or phrase associated with your business or services, there may be certain aspects about your company which are important to promote throughout your branding.

Oso Creative will work with you to create strong, eye-catching and memorable media.

We offer both design and copy services and will work with you to determine what is most important to market about you and your company, supporting you in presenting your company in the most effective way through a variety of methods.