Oso Creative design, print and produce decals in-house. Oso Creative can print or cut custom decals to your specification in a wide variety of colours and we precision cut to virtually any size or shape.

Decals are often referred to as stickers and are very similar, however decals are usually made to offer longer term exterior durability and depending on the vinyl and over laminate used, can be applied to flat or curved surfaces and also over recesses and curves.

Decals are self adhesive and depending on the vinyls used to create them, can be applied to vehicles, plastics, metals, glass and a variety of other surfaces and substrates. Decals can be supplied with an application tape making them easier to apply.  We supply decals that offer extra strong adhesive and also decals that can be removed easily.

We source a variety of vinyls in a range of colours and finishes including vinyls for vehicles such as motocross bikes and a non slip over laminate for sports equipment such as scooters and jet skis. Thick decals with a wet look over laminate often used for motocross bikes look stunning.

Decals are available for short and long term use and offer a range of qualities including slip resistance on wet and dry surfaces, UV and abrasion protection. They can be used for a variety of practical and decorative purposes.