Lamination involves applying a layer of clear plastic over a print, usually to enhance and protect printed products. It is sometimes applied over prints and graphics cut from vinyl to add a particular finish or texture.

Laminates are available in matt and gloss finishes. At Oso Creative we are careful to use laminates that are matched appropriately to vinyls to prevent the laminates shrinking back and discolouring over time.

Lamination increases durability and adds further protection to prints and cut vinyls and can extend the longevity of the finished product. It can increase protection to UV rays, moisture, chemical damage, abrasion, scuffs and scratches and protect against graffiti. Laminates make a print more resistant to being torn or damaged.

Oso Creative offer laminates that can be applied to curves and complex surfaces such as on vehicles. We provide a slip resistant laminate for floor graphics which is suitable for pedestrian traffic, meeting health and safety requirements of public places. We also offer a heavily textured, high traction laminate which is suitable for sports equipment such as jet skis and skateboards.

High gloss crystal clear laminate offers enhanced colour definition of prints and clear vision through glass.
Laminate is available that allows the use of dry wipe (marker pens) and a thick, high gloss laminate can be used to create stunning premium decals, labels and prints.

Oso Creative can advise on lamination options and whether it is necessary for the product you require.

Laminates available from Oso Creative




Thick High Gloss


Anti Slip

High Traction

Anti Graffiti

Anti Chemical


Dry Wipe

Crystal Clear

Linen Texture

Leather Texture

If you would like more information about lamination or which laminate may be suitable for your requirements, please get in touch.