3D, CGI and Animation

Product and ‘How it Works’ Animation

We created 3D models of this product along with an animation to show how the product works. This project was carried out for a healthcare company who make products to monitor fetal and maternal heart rates.

3D Novii Wireless Patch System
3D Animation Patch System
3D Animation Close Up of Baby
3D Animation Baby in Womb
3D Animation Baby in Womb
3D Animation Baby's Heart
3D Animation Baby's Heart Beating
3D Animation Baby's Heartbeat is Monitored

Silver Man

We developed this animation when storyboarding for a graphic novel.

3D Animation Silver Man arriving
3D Animation Silver Man landing 1
3D Animation Silver Man landing 2
3D Animation Silver Man landing 3
3D Animation Silver Man emerging 1
3D Animation Silver Man emerging 2
3D Animation Silver Man rising
3D Animation Silver Man stands
3D Animation Silver Man restores life
3D Animation Silver Man watches sunset

3D Visualisation

Using architectural drawings to provide accuracy, 3D renderings of this new build allow the customer to visualise what their new house will look like set within their land, before the building work has started.

3D house front set within land
3D house front view
3D house front view
3D house front view
3D house back view
3D house back view

3D Design

3D design can be used to enhance your brand, adding something innovative and eye catching to your website or on-line marketing. 3D logos for example can provide a contemporary take on a classic logo and look stunning in high definition.

3D logo for engineering company
3D logo idea for accountancy company

3D Characters

3D characters are perfect to use across various platforms including websites and social media, they are great for creating an appealing, engaging and strong brand identity whether used to create still images or animation shorts.

3D characters of Chris and Liz at PBS Accountancy Ltd
Colin orders Baileys Cheesecake
3D Character Glob

3D Animation to Demonstrate Product Functionality

3D animation is a fantastic way to demonstrate how a product functions and the benefits it offers. Potential customers can get a great understanding of your product without needing to see the real thing.

3D Rotary Valve
Dust travels through ducting
Dust collects in filter sleeves
3D Animation of a workshop

Stop Frame Animation

A more traditional method of animating using clay models. Stop frame or stop motion animation can be used to create fun and appealing characters and is great for storytelling and engaging the viewer.

Stop Frame Gone Fishing 1
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 2
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 3
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 4
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 5
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 6
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 7
Stop Frame Gone Fishing 8

Animated Short Films

Animated short films feature 3D models and characters that are often highly realistic. Many different styles of film can be created such as this film noir style animation called ‘No More Apologies’.

3D falling cut glass close up
3D glass falls to floor
3D character no more apologies
3D character no more apologies
Street Scene no more apologies