Vehicle Graphics Aftercare

After application you may find a few small bubbles in the vinyl. This is normal and they will reduce after a few days.

Please do not wash your vehicle graphics for a week. The vinyl needs time to fully adhere to the vehicle. Within reason, the longer you can leave it the better.

Cleaning the graphics

You can hand wash the graphics just like a painted car. The first step is to rinse the vehicle with clean water, this will help avoid scratching the graphics, and then wash gently with a soapy mild detergent and water solution using a soft cloth or a synthetic or natural sponge, starting from the top of the vehicle and working down. Avoid unnecessary scrubbing. It is important to rinse the graphic thoroughly with clean water when finished. Allow the water to dry naturally or dab dry with a chamois or a soft non-abrasive towel, being careful not to lift the graphic edges.

Automated Carwashes and Hand Operated Power Wash and Waxing

These are ok to use, however, do take care.

Be careful with high-pressure washes as you may find the force of the water could remove parts of your graphics. Excessive pressure or spraying at the wrong angle with a pressure washer can cause damage and create failure points in your graphics.

Avoid wax that contains petroleum distillate, which can damage the graphics. We advise against using an automated brush wash. The brushes may catch the edge of the graphics and create a failure point. The brushes may also cause some scratches.

If you need to use a harsher chemical to clean the graphics and/or before using any new product, make sure you test first in an inconspicuous area.

Also, be mindful of temperature as anything above 180F (64.5ÂșC) could lead to removal of the graphics.

Removing the graphics

If you wish to remove the graphics at any time:

Use a hair dryer/ heat gun to gently heat the vinyl. This will help to soften the glue and vinyl. Slowly peel off the graphics. If there is any glue residue left, white spirits should easily remove this.

Oso Creative offer a graphics removal service. Please contact us if you would like help with removing or replacing graphics.