Vehicle Graphics

Even a minimal amount of decals can have a big impact. From simple lettering and a logo to full wraps, Oso Creative produce vinyl graphics that will appeal and make use of the free advertising space on your vehicle. We source a selection of vinyls providing a wide range of colours, including metallic and specialist vinyls such as reflective and magnetic. All of our vinyls are of a high quality and are designed for vehicles and external use.Our secure and self contained garage in Shepshed, Leicestershire provides the perfect space for us to fit graphics for cars, motorbikes and vans on-site.

Why have vehicle graphics?

If you use a vehicle for your business, to visit customers or carry out work, vehicle graphics offer many benefits.

benefits of vehicle graphics

Cost Effective Marketing

After the initial cost, vehicle graphics can last for several years (depending on your initial requirements and providing the graphics are properly cared for).

benefits of vehicle graphics

Professional Image

When you visit a customer or workplace, your branded vehicle will reassure customers and create a professional image that reinforces your skills, demonstrates your commitment to your business and helps to build trust.

benefits of vehicle graphics

Free Advertising Space

Your vehicle offers free advertising space that will be seen by potential customers each time you drive or park your vehicle, even when you are not working.

benefits of vehicle graphics

Save Time

Like many businesses, if you don’t have a lot of time to plan and carry out marketing campaigns, once your vehicle is branded, you know that it is always advertising for you.

benefits of vehicle graphics

No Restriction on Size

Graphics can be fitted to vehicles of any size. Even with small cars, a lot can be achieved with a well thought out design. Customers can opt for a minimal look, or maximise on space by using the doors, panels, bonnet or even the whole vehicle.


benefits of vehicle graphics

Increase your Exposure

Vehicle graphics offer another marketing tool to showcase and promote your business and the exposure is not limited to one time, place or group of people.

benefits of vehicle graphics

Increase Credibility

A branded vehicle shows that you take ownership of your business and quickly creates a positive impression.

benefits of vehicle graphics


If you decide to change your branding, want to show off a new product or service, freshen up your vehicle, or even just change your phone number, vehicle graphics can be easily removed and replaced.

benefits of vehicle graphics

Feel Professional

Having a branded vehicle can increase your confidence and present a more professional image.

benefits of vehicle graphics


Vinyl is available that blocks out vision from the outside of windows, whilst allowing you to see out. This is particularly useful if your vehicle is used to store equipment and tools. Reflective vinyl increases your visibility at night and is also very eye catching.

benefits of vehicle graphics


Decals, graphics and wraps will not damage your vehicle and actually help to protect the paint work from UV and abrasion (it’s important to check before having graphics applied if your vehicle has recently been re-sprayed or had any repairs to the bodywork).

benefits of vehicle graphics


You can use your vehicle to simply showcase your brand and share your contact details. Well designed graphics can also demonstrate the services and products you offer, exhibit your previous work and help people to understand what you can offer them.

Our secure and self contained garage in Shepshed, Leicestershire provides the perfect space for us to fit graphics for cars, motorbikes and vans on-site.

Oso Creative produce distinctive designs in-house and the vinyls we use are carefully selected to suit your requirements. Vinyls are available that offer short term and long term durability and that can be applied to smooth, flat surfaces to more complex curves and recesses. Vehicle decals, graphics and wraps are available to offer durability from 1-2 years to 10-12 years.

We are happy to provide vehicle signage to meet your specifications, from a couple of decals to a full wrap and everything in between. To us, each project is unique and our prices are based on the size of your vehicle, the amount and complexity of the signage you require and the time and technique the fitting requires.

This ensures that you get real value for money.

We provide no obligation quotes and if you have a set budget, Oso Creative are happy to discuss what is achievable within this and can advise on what best suits your specifications. Our aim is to provide graphics that best promotes you and your company and communicates what is most important.

Our service includes fitting, we will advise on how long each fitting may take so for larger jobs we may need access to your vehicle for a couple of days. We will also provide information on how to care for your vehicle after fitting.